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Farmyard Studios

 Bendrose House East, White Lion Road, Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire


Bendrose house was built in 1896 and had its first artistic owner  in the early fifties when it was purchased by the actor Dirk Bogard.

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It was taken over in the late 60s by Trevor Morais, a professional drummer, who had started out playing for Merseybeat groups Faron's Flamingoes and Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.He then became part of the jazz/soul trio The Peddlers who enjoyed a number of hit singles and toured the world for over ten years.


The 40’ x 20’ 18th Century barn was first used as residential rehearsal studios and attracted many top bands including Yes, Camel, JethroTull and Genesis for their Wind and Wuthering tour in 1976.


The Rolling Stones used the Farmyard for 4 years as a base for The Rolling Stones Mobile where it would be parked up and serviced. Bands started to take advantage of this.

In December 78 Simple Minds used the barn and the  Rolling Stones Mobile to record their debut album "Life in a Day”.

Yes also recorded some of the Relayer there.


In 1973 Trevor Morais and Ruper Hine would get together at the Farmyard to form the band Quantum Jump.  In 1979 they had a hit single with the song ‘The Lone Ranger”  and would form a business partnership, turning the place into a full recording studio.

The old barn provided an ideal space for a control room and live recording area with its high angular ceiling and beams producing a room ambience that became popular for recording drums.


The farmhouse across the courtyard from the studio provided residential accommodation  with bedrooms, bathrooms, play-rooms and a large dining room that could accommodate 14 people.

The First desk installed was a Trident TSM with Studer tape machines.

The first session to be recorded there was with the band Brand X; the builders were still finishing off the studio whilst the band were recording.


In 1983 they installed an SSL 4000E desk.

Over the next ten years Rupert Hine would use the studios to produce a number of successful albums and hit singles including Saga, Chris De Burgh, Robert Palmer, The Fixx, Howard Jones Tears for Fears and Tina Turner.

Trevor Morais would provide session drumming for many of the artists using the studio.


The property was sold in 1989.


Trevor Morais continued working as a successful session drummer touring with the likes of Howard Jones and Bjork.

In 1994 he opening El Cortijo Studios in Malaga, Spain and

Bjork  recorded her Homogenic album there in 1996.

In 2008 it became part of the Miloco group.

The studio closed in 2013 is now used as a luxury holiday villa.

Farmyard Studios Discography


Simple Minds - Life in a Day

Quantum Jump- Quantum Jump : 1975

Camel – I Can See Your House From Here : 1979

The Stranglers - Dreamtime

Simple Minds ‎– Sons And Fascination : 1981

Saga - Worlds Apart : 1981 


Robert Palmer - Pride : 1983
Tale of Two Cities - The Lords of the New Church : 1983
The Fixx - Reach the Beach : 1983
Chris De Burgh - The Getaway : 1983
Howard Jones - The 12" Album : 1984
The Fixx - Stand Or Fall


Tina Turner -  I Might Have Been Queen and Better Be Good To Me from the Private Dancer album (1984). Produced by Rupert Hine and with Trevor Morais on the kit.

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