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The Classic UK Recording Studios Resource By Tony Harris and Phil Burns

This site is dedicated to recording the history of many of the studios that existed in the UK in the 60s,70s and 80s. We have tried to cover the recording equipment used by those studios to record what many now view as classic albums and singles and feature the people who worked in these places.

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Abbey Road Studios   

Apple Studios    

Manor Studios


A History of Classic Recording Studio Consoles ... Here

Some info about Cadac Recording Consoles ...Here

Recording Nick Drake at Sound Techniques Studio  ... Here


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And some ... TAAC

The Rolling Stones Mobile

Trident Studios

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Startling Studios (Ascot Studios, Tittenhurst Park)  

Britannia Row Studios


Decca - Tollington Park

Matrix Studios

Odyssey Studios

Utopia Studios

Amazon Studios

Ridge Farm

RG Jones